Your wife sent us! - Part 1

2019-08-13CBT, Caning, Femdom
  • 11:55 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes double domination - ebony female domination - Mistress Foxx - female domination - female supremacy - face slapping - verbal humiliation - nipple play - caning - cock caning - extreme domination     


Mistresses Ava Black and Foxx received communication from this guy's wife. He had been caught cheating. But like the true cheating liar that he was he had tried to get away with it.

But he had been truly snared and now his wife was threatening divorce. He begged for mercy, and the only compromise she was willing to give him was that he visit 2 Dommes to set him straight and make sure that he didn't do it again.

So he found himself on his knees begging to receive whatever punishment he deserved.

And believe me these Mistresses believe he deserves a lot of punishment!

In part one he gets slapped about, his nipples are scratched and slapped, and his cock is slapped and punched like the useless cheating flap of meat that it is! And just to make sure that he never uses that cock to cheat with again they cane it hard and good with their heavy canes!

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