Your rent just went up! And we'll sit on your face to enforce it!

2019-02-13Asses, Face Sitting, Femdom
  • 14:24 minutes

Includes - double domination - ass fetish - female domination - face sitting - bratty femdom - verbal humiliation - squash/smother - double face sitting - slave training - CFNM     

Ava and Bellatrix catch their housemate rifling through their Femdom videos one day. Bad move!

Now that he knows who they are he will also surely know what's in store for him!

They leap on him, taking it in turns to blind him with their huge arses! One at a time, squashing and smothering they teach him a lesson. Sitting side straddled and double face sitting, they pyramid facesit him!

That will teach him a lesson!

Oh, and his rent just went up too!

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