Your best worst habit

2019-08-13Femdom, High heels, Shoes
  • 10:39 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes - findom - financial domination - elite financial domination - cock tease - challenges - extreme domination - ruination fantasy - femdom pov - goddess worship - verbal humiliation - mindfuck - manipulatrix - ebony female domination - ebony     

Like that little voice constantly going off in your head...

I am there when you let your guard down. Every part of you yearns to be fully devoted to me. It frightens you and excites you in equal measure. Knowing that you want nothing more than to be mine. Completely...

It makes you hard just thinking about giving it all to me. Giving it all away. Not caring who knows... Who sees what you have become. You want to shout it out from the highest rooftop that you belong to me and no one else!

So do it!

Dip in!

This clip has very powerful subliminal slave conditioning messages and you will find yourself compelled and transformed to do my bidding.

After all, you are mine now...

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