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Wet licks and foot sniffs for mommy

2019-01-28Fetish, Foot Fetish, Milf
  • 6:58 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes mommas boy - taboo - milf - older woman younger man - foot fetish - ebony foot fetish - foot pov - ebony - pov female - foot fetish     

Oh hey sweetie ooh you startled me...

Mmm, I'm just taking a quick nap here. It's so hot out there I can't stand being outside. I needed to just relax. Oh yes, I had to take my clothes off. It was just too much. You know mommy likes to sleep with nothing on.

Oh sweetie what's that? You're naked too? It's really hot isn't it?

Now let mommy sleep. Don't play with my feet.

Oh my! Someone's getting a little excited aren't they? Oh dear, shall I give you a little foot show? Do you like that?


You're getting even bigger. Oh my, is that because you're smelling my sweaty bed feet? Oh dear. Come on then sweetie, play with mommy's feet. Right there, just put it right there so I can feel how warm you are too.

I like it when you show me how much your peepee loves mommy's feet.

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