Victim to my monster curves - Part One

2020-05-28Face Sitting, Femdom, Handjob
  • 4:30 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes face sitting - face riding - ass worship - oral sex slave - pussy worship - pussy domination - ass worship - ass smothering - big butts - handjob - cock tease - harsh handjobs - stockings and suspenders - ass licking - pussy licking - big arse - ass grinding - ass shaking - CFNM - femdom - slave training - female domination - female supremacy     

Mistress's ebony slave has a very sittable on face.

So she shows him how easy he is to own and ruin. She sits on his face with her monster curves and smothers him with her huge ebony arse! Then she slides her knickers aside and makes him lick her arse. Sticking his tongue in as deep as it will go and tasting every last bit of her!

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