Vanquished by our juicy cracks

2019-04-24Asses, Female Domination, Fetish
  • 9:38 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes executrix - adult role play - femdom pov - double domination - ass worship - mindfuck - miss kitty bliss

Mistress Ava Black and Miss Kitty Bliss have a secret mind numbing agent. They have buried it between their gorgeous arse cheeks, and they tease and tempt you closer and closer.

Unwittingly you come closer, adoring their gorgeous arses and delighting in their beautiful legs. The more you watch and listen to their teasing words the harder your cock becomes. Your boner has never been harder!

But now they are telling you that their tease was purely intentional. Because of course they had laced their arses with a vanquishing potion. But they decided that they would give you a good exit.

Because you see as your body weakens and loses control your cock only gets harder and harder. You're amazed at how rock hard it is. This boner just won't quit!

So why don't you stroke it for your executrix Mistresses?

Touch and stroke and fap away for them! Because the more you jerk off the more power you lose from everywhere else. Until you know you are about to cum! But if you do cum then that would surely end you!

So make your choice! Jerk off for your Mistresses or prolong the inevitable..

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