Training the sissy to be more convincing - Part One

2019-08-10Femdom, Sissy, Slave
  • 6:17 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes Luna Toxxxic - sissy training - spanking - OTK spanking - feminisation - crossdresser - double domination - femdom - slave training - female domination     


Featuring: Mistress Ava Black and Luna Toxxxic

Today is sissy's training day. She has been doing some work on her feminisation but she still has quite a way to go. Thank goodness Mistresses are on hand to enhance her training. They start with watching her walk. Not so good. So they lock her into her maid's dress for their session. She shall remain in that for the duration of her training while Mistresses train her.

And they begin with teaching her how to dance like a woman. Will the sissy impress them or be spanked for being hopeless at dancing? Watch and find out!

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