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Total Beta Cuck

2018-12-16Femdom, Strapon
  • 9:56 minutes

Includes - cock tease - smacktalk - verbal humiliation - masturbation humiliation - ebony femdom - loser humiliation - arrogant woman - POV  female - POV strapon

You again?!?!

You with the jellyfish spinelessness?

Mmm, you are just such a sucker for a hurting aren't you? You can't seem to keep away no matter how much it hurts! Aaaah I would feel sorry for you... except I don't!

Nope! In fact I want to see you hurt more and more and more... The pain that you have experienced so far is nothing. The hurt that accompanies serving me and bathing in my perfection have only just begun!

Now I want to turn you into the perfect type of slave for me!

A true beta cuck!

No shadow of manliness left in you. Now I want to bring it full circle by making you even more subby than ever! The training will be painful, it will be uncomfortable. You will lose all your dignity, and there will be no return. But you like that don't you? 

You know by now that any part of manliness that you had has made a permanent exit.

Now it's time to complete the transformation into my beta loser!