The key to your freedom

  • 10:54 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes chastity - crossdresser - chastity tease - chastity ceremony - keyholding and chastity - interracial domination - double domination     


Sissy Jessica is locked up in chastity by her Mistresses. This will be the start of her time in chastity and she can already feel her troublesome man-bits straining to get some release.

As per the agreement she would refrain from stroking her man-clitty until Mistresses permitted, so now she must attempt to live her new chaste life.

What Mistresses didn't tell her was that they have 2 keys in their possession. The keys look identical in every aspect except for one crucial thing - one of them doesn't open her chastity device!

Mistresses take Jessica's key and their dud key and shake them around in closed hands. Goddess Aveena takes one key and Mistress Ava Black takes the other. Now, they tell her, she must make an appointment to session with both of them at a time of their choosing. Following the session the Mistress will attempt to release her from chastity. If it fails then she must visit the other Mistress for a session. Of course these are prostate milking sessions! So the pain is doubled if she has to repeat the experience with both Mistresses.

The fear on Jessica's face is clear!

But first they want to give her a taste of what's to come in her sessions.

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