The grossest spit-roast EVER! - Part One

2020-10-29Bi Training, Bi fun, Big Dick
  • 6:35 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes strapon - CFNM - desperate slave - cumslut slave - total loser - interracial domination - female domination - bbc black cock - slave training - cocksucking - chastity male - verbal humiliation - pegging     

Featuring Mistress Ava Black and Luna Toxxxic

No one is as fucking useless as this slave who will do abso-fucking-lutely anything to please!


The nasty fucker does not amuse or excite his Mistresses in any way. So they bring in someone else who will tear him some new holes. After some light entertainment where they make him compare his roadkill teeny weeny peepee to a real man's cock they push grub even further by making him bow down and worship at the shrine of a real man's cock.

Obviously he's awful at jerking off a real cock so he has to train on a superior Master cock. He's got to take that cock in his little whore mouth and deepthroat it good if he's going to please his Mistresses!

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