The Devil makes work for idle hands

2019-04-04Barefoot, Fetish, Foot Fetish
  • 21:21 minutes

Includes femdom pov - religious - foot fetish - ebony foot fetish - foot pov - ebony - pov female - foot fetish     

Your Bible swinging Auntie calls you into the front room. You can tell from the tone of her voice that she is not pleased with you at all.

Thinking it's going to be another long droning speech you slouch into the room.

She immediately jumps at you, berating you for one thing or the other. She has heard some distressing news from the grapevine and she wants to know whether it's true or not?

She heard that you have been masturbating to pornography. Not just that, it seems the stuff you are into is about feet.

Your ears burn with embarrassment! You have no idea who could have possibly found this out about you. Auntie sees it and goes to town!

She knew it! She is beside herself with tears, calling upon higher intervention to deal with your errant ways. She has been told, she says, that the only way you will get past your disgusting behaviour is if she prays for you. Prays for you while presenting you with the object of your weakness.

Slipping out of her comfortable sandals, she paces about the room in a frenzy. You are trying as hard as you can not to look but her feet are just looking so delicious as she stamps about. You have always admired her feet from a distance, but seeing her leaping about and flexing those soles has really got your head in a blur. 

Auntie is praying fervently, in a feverish state! Seeing the sweat glistening on her feet only makes you harder and you instinctively reach your hand down between your legs, attempting to hide the rising wood in your pants. Even brushing against your pants feels so good, and you sneak in a quick rub.

Auntie sees this and she reaches a feverish high! Urging you to beat the lust out of your loins, she paces about, flashing those creamy white soles in your face. You can smell the sweat and moisture as it trickles down her foot. You close your eyes and do as you're told... you rub and rub and rub until...

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