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That'll shut you up!

2019-01-17BDSM, Ball busting, Femdom
  • 10:34 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes - female domination - femdom - ebony female domination - ballbusting - ball abuse - ball stomping - ball squishing - extreme domination - jumping up and down on balls - slave training - verbal humiliation - smacktalk - domestic domination     

So boyo here was caught chatting ish! Mistress's friend had come to visit and he was prancing about the place naked as the day he was popped out. Waving his willy about and chatting choopidness to Mistress's friend. 

Maybe he thought he was on big man tings or he thought he was being a clever arse!

Whatever he was thinking it backfired big cos Mistress's friend wasn't interested in whatever he was selling. And the first thing she did was tell Mistress - in front of the slave - just what he had been saying. How he had been saying Mistress was soft and couldn't hurt a fly.

The look she shot him as this was revealed told him he was in for a tough time after the little social visit was over.

And just to keep a firm reminder to him about what he had just suffered she was going to record it and show the whole world!

This clip is that recording. And for the squished nads slave who thought he was being a clever arse - I hope you enjoy watching your balls pop over and over again! Hahahahah

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