Short dick short wallet

  • 12:14 minutes

Includes female domination - sph - femdom pov - ebony female domination - arrogant woman - female supremacy - verbal humiliation - smacktalk - size comparison    

Hello pathetic and perverted!

Aargh I don't even know why you consider yourself to be a man with that tiny thing you have flapping freely in the wind.

What kind of cock do you consider that to be?

Don't you know you are just pathetic with a capital P?

When I look at your cock I feel like slapping a small cock surcharge on this clip just cos I know that you're getting off looking at me! Don't act like you're not you perv! 

Well to start you're going to pay extra just cos you have a small cock. Then you're going to send a small cock tribute right in this store. Yes you heard me! Before you even watch this clip you're going to pay a teeny willie cock charge as follows:

7 inches - add $20

6 inches - add $40

5 inches - add $60

4 inches - add $80

3 inches - add $100

2 inches - add $120

1 inch - add $150

less than 1 inch - what the actual fuck! Add $200!

Tell the truth! Be honest with yourself. And you know you've measured it so don't even try that li'l nugget on me either...

So pay your tax, pay your premium. Then watch your tiny todger humiliation task in this one loser!

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