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Pillow humper

2019-02-12Fetish, Milf, Nudist
  • 8:35 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes pillow humping - dry humping - verbal humiliation - ebony - nudity - naked - ass fetish - extreme humiliation - loser exposure     


I couldn't believe it when I found out! But it's true isn't it?

You've been doing a very fucked up thing haven't you? Like a fucking virgin! 

Humping your pillow like a loser! Oh my gosh! Don't tell me you've even made a slit in that bitch and pretended to yourself it was the sweet moist gash of pussy?

Not that you'd know anyway! No one would fuck you!

Not in a million years! Especially if they found out your disgusting little loser secret! That you're up in your room humping your pillow till you make a stupid sticky mess! I bet you even cuddle it to sleep. You'd be the worst for inviting over for sleepovers... be worried that you'd be there trying to get a pillow-bang on!


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