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PenisALized for failure to tribute properly - Part One

2019-09-28Bi Training, Big Dick, Fetish
  • 5:18 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes financial domination - bbc - big black cock - verbal humiliation - blackmail fantasy - challenges - joi games - joi - ebony femdom - handjobs - ebony female domination - femdom pov - pov female     

Failure to amuse!

Failure to tribute in ways that please me!

Failure to make up for it by tributing double in apology!

Those are just a few of the ways you have pissed me off slave! You're being punished today!

And the first part of your challenge is right here in this clip. Do as I instruct you to. Don't improvise. EXACTLY as I instruct! You understand?


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