Pegged to perfection - Part One

2018-11-28 BDSM, Female Domination, Femdom
  • 18:30 minutes

Includes - domestic domination - female domination - pegs - femdom - verbal humiliation - female supremacy - slave training - CBT - extreme domination     

The slave has now completed his duties as seen in Garden Boi.

After Mistress enjoyed the cigarette he served her in 'The Fetish Butler gets a taste for cigarettes' she decided that now it was time to warm him up even further!

She sends him to fetch her basket of pegs. Uncertain as to why but of course not wishing to displease, the butler does as he is told.

When she tells him to present his penis his joy is obvious! After all what luck for him to be permitted to present his aroused manhood to his Goddess.

But when he finds out what she has in store for it he soon regrets his excitement! As she ruthlessly clips peg after peg after peg onto his cock!

His howls of agony only seem to amuse her. He can't believe how much pain his body is in, but he daren't flee lest Mistress ramp it up even more!

But as you will find out, pegs are just the beginning of the slave's ordeal...