Pay it forward to Alpha

2019-08-19Big boobs, Cuckold, Fetish
  • 12:16 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes cuckolding - beta humiliation - loser humiliation - financial domination - findom - cock tease - wallet rinse - rinsing games - pregnant fetish - ebony - big bellies - huge pregnant bellies - ebony female domination - femdom pov - pov female     

This is very likely the most humiliating and intense cuckolding degradation video you will ever watch.

And you will love it!

You know why? Because your entire existence has been leading up to this very point. This moment when the truth will stare you in the face like never before. The moment you will accept that you actually get off on being told how insignificant you are when it comes to hot Dominant women like me and Alpha men like mine!

That you crave constantly to see a woman like me knocked up by a hotter guy than you while you dig deep in your wallet and squirt those notes all over our consummation. Knowing that he was inside me while you waited miserably for acknowledgment that never came...


Now buy this like the little beta cucky that you are.

And when you have finished watching it I give you permission to beat off to it as a reminder of just how I like you - horny, cucky, and obedient!

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