Oh misery! - Part One

2019-04-09Cuckold, Fetish, Giantess
  • 9:26 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes giantess - surprised woman - pregnant - shrinking fetish - cruel woman - cruel wife - vore - giantess cuckolding - verbal humiliation - ebony - pov female     

Ava had just popped to the bathroom to prepare for bed.

But when she came back to the bedroom you had shrunk!

She couldn't believe it! She was absolutely livid! How had this happened? When she left you were normal size and less than ten minutes later you were smaller than the cushion you rest your head on! Knowing you she figured you'd gone out somewhere dodgy and sipped on something that had a shrinking potion in it!

But then the light bulb moment!

She decides that you haven't been pulling your weight during this pregnancy, and she's about to change all that. Seeing as you can't be the man you ought to be and your ego has been cut down to size she finally gets a chance to let you know exactly how she's been feeling about your half-hearted husband duty attempts.

After all in life the bigger person is the one who holds the power. And finally she's bigger than you in every way! And if you're going to be a dumbass douchebag who doesn't care enough about his pregnant wife to come home on time then you deserve everything that's coming your way!

It's about time she started to live her freakiest self! Starting with hooking up with that guy who chatted her up not that long ago...

What will Ava do with her unfortunate shrunken husband? Watch and find out!

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