Nad crushers

2019-02-10BDSM, Ball busting, Femdom
  • 12:45 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes - ballbusting - ball abuse - ball stomping - ball slapping - testicle squeezing - testicle punching - standing on slave's thighs - trampling - interracial domination - extreme domination - men in pain - verbal humiliation    

Ava and Bella have tricked their new housemate into becoming their bitch boi! Ever since he signed their 'alternative' lease agreement they've had him by the short and wobblies. Everything they ever wanted he has no choice but to do. 

He's finding it really hard to deal with his new time as a service slut. So they decide it's now time to readjust his way of thinking. 

One way they know for sure is to trample him, taking turns to squish him underfoot. Then they decide it would be more fun to see if they can pop his balls somehow. 

Maybe slide off them so they hit the floor and pop!

Or squeeze them and slap them stupid!

Why not tag team on trampling those nads so they can't escape?

They're having so much fun and don't give a toss that their housemate is howling and begging for mercy!

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