My feet your mouth all night - Full Clip

2020-07-16Foot Fetish, Footjob, Sensual
  • 10:40 minutes
  • FullHD

He just can't help himself...

The funk and musty warmth of her feet just drive him crazy. Even her teasing about how desperate he looks and how his suffering amuses her only makes him want her feet more.

Just to be at her feet looking and acting like a loser but loving every minute with her gorgeous Dominance is more than his mind can handle. 

And so when she makes him lie down to take his foot in her mouth he eagerly does so! No time for desperation when you are serving Mistress Ava Black. You are a mere receptacle for her desires!

And Mistress desires nothing more than to see her footslave gag on her feet and suffer through a footjob with no release. Then taste her funky feet in his mouth.

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