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My feet control you

  • 11:18 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes - pov foot worship - barefoot - high heels - high heel domination - foot domination - mindfuck - homewrecker - verbal humiliation - barefoot - ebony foot fetish - foot fetish - foot worship - foot worship pov - femdom pov - female supremacy  

My feet control you. Effortlessly ruin you.

Sit down. Look at me. I command it. I desire it.

Aren't they just perfect? Let me slide them out of my heels just for you. Gaze in amazement at sheer perfection in front of you. Ebony brown feet and wrinkled white soles. Supreme power at its finest. My gorgeous soft soles sneaking out of these heels and commanding your world immediately.

You can't take your eyes off me can you slave?

That pleases me. To see you there frozen in unrestrained lust at my feet. Mmm, the things I will do with you...

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