Loser Armpit jerk!

2019-02-05Femdom, Fetish
  • 6:37 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes armpit fetish - armpit joi - loser sign - verbal humiliation - femdom pov - ebony - pov female - MILF - joi games     


I have consumed you so completely you helpless little fuck! Ever since you discovered my perfection and these beautiful sweaty pits you have been hooked.

Mmm, you can't help yourself. I get it.

Whenever you see me flash these perfect pits you get immediate good wood. A raging boner that just won't quit! You want to cum so badly that I felt a tiny nugget of mercy in my cold selfish heart.

So I made this just for you pit lover.

I made this humiliating jerk off clip for you and your helpless love of my sweaty pits. For you to jerk off to helplessly. Even as I flip off at you and pull the loser sign you can't help yourself.

So cum on! Pump pump pump to my perfect strong arms and flexed biceps. Stroke stroke stroke to my exposed armpits and my gorgeous pits!

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