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Lick my holes

2019-01-21Asses, Femdom, Fetish
  • 9:50 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes female domination - ebony female domination - face sitting - pussy worship - pussy power - pussy grinding - CFNM - ass shaking - ass licking - asshole licking - arrogant woman - female supremacy - slave training - verbal humiliation - smacktalk

Mistress has her slave boi and his willing tongue ready to serve as she pleases!

She puts him through his paces, making him kiss and worship her arse! Then she makes him keep his tongue still while she slides her magnificent arse back and forth over it. He'd better not lick her pussy or she will fart right into his desperate whore mouth!

Oops! He tongue fucked her. Bad mistake!

She teaches him who's the Boss!

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