Lick my Feet Dad-in-Law

2019-04-02Barefoot, Femdom, Foot Fetish
  • 11:41 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes foot fetish - ebony foot fetish - blackmail fantasy - home wrecker - ebony - pov female     

Ava has been dating your son for a while but today you get to meet her for the first time.

The meal at your son's place had gone well and he is now in the kitchen preparing the dessert when Ava announces something that makes your heart stop.

She had spotted you when you thought you were catching a sneaky peek at her gorgeous toes and nails.

She saw how your heart skipped a beat when you saw her perfect ebony soles as she sat there pretending to be oblivious. You are stunned but the boner in your pants seems to be giving you away something stupid!

But then the kicker comes when she announces your future involves worshipping her however and whenever she pleases!

There is no way out!

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