Human Ashtray Worm - Part One

2019-01-31Femdom, Fetish, Smoking
  • 4:47 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes - female supremacy - double domination - smoking slave - smoking fetish - slave training - human ashtray - ebony - ebony female domination - interracial domination - face slapping - glove fetish - hand fetish - verbal humiliation - dungeon domination     

The slave is called in to serve his Mistresses as the devoted ashtray slave that he is. Mistresses wish to have a cigarette and he must follow protocol by lighting the cigarettes and waiting patiently for them to inhale indulgently on their cigarettes.

They begin by training him to breathe as they do. Slowly, pacing himself so his rhythm matches theirs. Taking in their smoke and holding his breath just one moment longer as their hands cover his nose and mouth. He is very fortunate to be treated to the bliss that is his Mistresses' smoke.

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