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Hooked on my pits

2019-02-01Femdom, Fetish
  • 9:14 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes - femdom pov - female domination - ebony female domination - armpit - armpit stroking - hairy armpits pov female - ebony     

You are helplessly addicted to my armpits. Every time you see a video of me with my arms up you just dive in there and splooge don't you?

Just on the offchance that I will actually reveal my pits to you?

Well today I do give you the chance to worship them no holds-barred. Watch and drool as I lift one arm, two arms, stroke my pits, smell them, lick them...

You can almost taste the sweaty funk as it clings on the little hairs just starting to sprout. Heaven for a pervert like you! Enjoy my sweaty pits perv!