Giantess Ava's snack jar

2019-10-27BDSM, Fetish, Giantess
  • 22:18 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes giantess - vore - shrinking fantasies - mean giantess - mouth fetish - pov vore - swallowing pov   

You find yourself the last man standing in Ava's snack jar as she peers in at her final, trembling victim. Ava goes into detail about how good it feels to have a begging, terrified, screaming person unable to hang on as they slide insider her with one big, wet giant gulp.

She drags you out as you scream and plead for your tiny life in the palm of her hand. But your terror, fear and screams only make you more appetising to a giant.

She tastes and teases you until it's time to say goodbye to life and face your oblivion digesting into a skeleton in Ava's belly.

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