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Fuck this cold! Swallow my snot!

2019-09-18Femdom, Fetish, Spitting
  • 15:51 minutes

Includes femdom pov - ebony female domination - snot fetish - spit fetish - spitting - blowing nose - coughing - cold - streaming eyes - mouth fetish - ASMR - verbal humiliation - cock tease     

I have had the most rotten cold ever!

I'm just starting to recover from it. But I'm in that awful phase where I'm like a bogey bucket! You know, where you blow and blow and blow your nose but somehow there's always a bit of snot hanging around waiting to make an appearance straight afterwards?


Fucking irritating!

That's why I called you.

Because you always said to me if ever I'm suffering from a cold I should give you a call and you will take all my bogeys and spit and horrid coldstuff and swallow them all!

Well, pretty gross. But then again I am getting seriously vexed with having to blow my nose continuously. I've come up with a way that you can get all the snot from my coldy cold nose and swallow it all up for me! Come here...

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