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Double Foot Bitch

2018-12-16Femdom, Fetish, Foot Fetish
  • 12:10 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes - femdom pov - female domination - ebony female domination - barefoot - ebony - foot worship pov - foot joi     


You have come back to worship my feet like the loser that you are. So helplessly addicted to my feet, you spend and spend just for another hit of that perfection. That sweaty heady smell fills your senses whenever I am near.

Just like today. Like a moth to the flame.

You are here to worship those expensive designer flip flops your money paid for. You worked hard to save that money and your cock twitched endlessly when you saw how recklessly I spent that money. In just a heartbeat. And it was gone. 

Now I have been out taking a walk in those flip flops, getting nice and sweaty. You're on your knees worshipping them when I tell you that your girlfriend dropped by earlier. She was in a huff, having found out about your secret addiction to spending for my feet. Can you believe that bitch tried to get me to back down and say I didn't know you?

Well I told her everything she feared was absolutely true. I told her how addicted you are to my perfect ebony soles. And you know what? I made that pasty bitch get on her knees and suck my feet. Told her she was a dumb fuck who was going to be my bitch now too!

Hahaha! And she did it. Would you believe it?

She licked those feet good. Then I made her rub her little clitty on my flip flops. Yeah these ones. You shoulda seen her cum all over them. Was pretty pathetic to watch actually....

Mmm, I guess that makes you both my bitches now doesn't it? Hahahah!

Well now I want you to jerk off to the funk of your girl's pussy on my flip flops while I tap tap tap them just like this...