Domestic Fuck Cushion - Part Two

2019-06-12Anal Sex, Blow Job, Femdom
  • 5:45 minutes
  • FullHD

Includes mummification - strapon - double domination - extreme domination - Mistress Bounty - interracial domination - female domination - female supremacy - hand gagging - mouth fucking - anal - pegging - rough femdom - domestic femdom     

Featuring: Mistress Ava Black, Mistress Bounty

That mouth seems nice and stretched after they both have a go loosening his jaws. So Mistresses move on to spreading his mouth with their strapons. The look of horror on his face as they 'cock up' is classic! He knows they're going to shove their cocks into whichever hole they see fit. And that's not going to stop at just his mouth!

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