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Domestic Bliss - or Miss!

2019-01-20BDSM, Domination, Femdom
  • 19:39 minutes

Includes - female domination - femdom pov - challenges - slave training - verbal humiliation - smacktalk - cbt instruction - domestic domination - domestic tools cbt     

Hey loser!

You with the useless nads!

Yes you! We're talking to you...

Mmm you look mighty comfortable right about now just chilling in your house with those nads flapping coolly about!

We want to change all that! You're going to do a horrendously awfully painfully intense challenge for us. Involving those nuts and some tools you can find around the house of course...

If you are good then it will be easy peasy - domestic bliss. And pretty delicious for you.

But if you suck at it then it will be a miss! And you will suffer for us!

Now let's get this ish started!

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