Custom: The monster within (damsel in distress)

  • 15:06 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes giantess - vore - damsel in distress - transformation fantasy - ebony - custom clip     

"Ava has finished eating the tiny humans she had rounded up to feed the hungry being growing inside her belly. The creature inside has grown massive as Ava's clothes no longer fit.
After eating the last human she tells the being that the food is all gone and that they'll have to wait until tomorrow before she can feed again. The creature inside however is still hungry and wants more. It kicks and moves inside Ava's belly. She tries calming it down, but it fails.
The being has become very strong and suddenly starts to pull Ava by her belly. She resists telling the being there is no more food, but it's no use. The being is now pulling her uncontrollably around the house, desperately looking for more tiny humans for her to eat. To Ava's surprise the being has led her to a small group of tiny humans. Almost full, Ava tells the being that she'll feed him these humans, but these are the last.
She devours them hoping it will finally satisfy it. Very full and feeling ready to burst, Ava begins to return to her room. Just then the being pulls her again to look for more. She tries to stop the being but its no use. She gives up and now allows it full control as is searches for more. Once again she is lead to another group of humans. Completely full Ava refuses to eat them, angering the being.
It thrashes her around, knocking her to the ground. Tired, Ava submits and finally eats the humans. Very full she lies there glad its finally over.
Suddenly her belly moves again "oh no"!"
Damsel in distress ending where Ava reluctantly does as she is told. And is a victim to the being's bidding.
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