Custom: Keep it locked for stepmommy

2021-04-09Chastity, Love, Milf
  • 10:16 minutes
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It's always good to come back home.

You've come back from your new life away from home. Growing up is so hard to do.

But when you have such a loving stepmom like Ava you know you will be just fine...

She is so excited to see you. She wants to catch up with all the fun stuff you’ve been doing. She listens excitedly as you tell her about all the things you’ve been up to.

But she also wants to know about your little promise to her. Have you been keeping yourself safe, chaste… for her? She doesn’t want any of those fancy townie women corrupting your delicate mind.

She inspects the chastity device she put on you before you left. Your balls have been aching with the pressure of not being able to release. She knows this has been the longest you haven’t touched your wee-wee. But she’s so proud of you for having lasted as long as you have.

She gently releases you from your cage and you dribble a little.

She seems pleased. That must mean you haven’t been fiddling or having wet dreams.

But now you must be desperate to release some of the pressure? She knows just what to do.She can tell you've been aching... this is the longest time you've gone without cumming. Stepmomma will take all that aching away, take it all into her, and soothe you with her warm.

You're such a good boi

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