Custom: Forever my footboi

  • 11:03 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes - femdom POV - ebony foot fetish - Ebony Female Domination - verbal humiliation - foot slave training - foot humiliation - cock tease - foot whore - pov foot worship

Once upon a time you told yourself you were in control didn't you?

You told yourself that is was just an indulgent treat that you allowed yourself. You could stop whenever you wanted to?


It's amazing the lies we tell ourselves isn't it?

Because one thing that is certain is that you can never turn me off! I live in that delicious deep dark part of your mind. The one that's always fighting for centre stage. The one that knows that when you let your guard down - even momentarily - I will be there in a heartbeat...

Swirling around in the centre of your mind and controlling you effortlessly. Watching you melt as you give in to my Dominance as these perfect feet walk all over you.

We both know you are forever my footboi...

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