Custom: Down in one gulp

2019-10-23Giantess, Stripping, Vore
  • 11:53 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes giantess - unaware giantess - adult role play - shrinking fantasy - executrix - pov female - vore - pregnant - eating - lingerie - ebony     

"you return home unaware your house guest ( me ) has shrunk down. You walk around calling out for me I would love it if you use my name. After a couple of minutes you give up looking for me and proceed to lay down on your sofa getting comfortable and taking your top off, as you are laying there I manage to climb up to your stomach. You suddenly feel really hungry and rub your belly and I get trapped in/on your belly button. You arrive in the kitchen and you fancy a yoghurt you take it out and place it on the counter after taking the lid off as you look for a spoon as you turn back to the yoghurt after you find one I fall in as you are eating you say I hope :"@£* doesn’t mind me eating his yoghurt I wander what is causing that extra flavour I love it . You proceed to swallow me along with the yoghurt."
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