Custom: Ava Black you ARE the father!

2021-01-04Fetish, Handjob, Milf
  • 14:07 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes futa - futanari - transformation fantasies - adult role play - female masturbation - gender transformation - impregnation - pregnant     

Ever since Ava discovered that she could make a willy grow on command she has been really enjoying pumping that girly-wang all the time!

She can't believe how much fun cumming can be now that she can squirt as well as ejaculate.

Lately she's discovered that even if she willy cums she can still have an intense female multiple orgasm. So fucking horny!!! Being able to cum and fantasise about breeding herself as she uses the spunk as lube.

All fun and games of course until one day she discovers that she is ACTUALLY pregnant!

And she hasn't even had sex with anyone else for ages...

How will she explain this one?

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