Cuckies lick feet

2019-03-29Barefoot, Fetish, Sensual
  • 10:12 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes cuckolding - foot cuckold - pov foot worship - pov female - ebony - wrinkled soles - cock tease - foot slave training - foot worship instructional - sensual domination - barefoot - feet in bed     



Come here my loyal little footslave. The nourishment that you seek is right here. Right at my perfect Ebony soles.

Crawl into the bed at my feet. Just right there. I've just finished fucking Alpha and you can still feel how warm it is from where he was lying. I can still smell his masculine scent all over the bed, all over me. That beautiful heady afterglow of him all over this bed, all over my bed, all over my feet. Yes, right there. Can you see how sweaty they became? 


I know, they're perfect. You love them.

You would love to have the chance to suck on these perfect long toes. I want you to stare long and hard at them. Imprint them in your mind. You are so lucky to be given this chance to be so close to Mistress in such an intimate moment.

I know you will never forget this moment pet. This experience, being right here with me so soon after my gorgeous session with Alpha.

You are addicted to me, and I know it. You can't help it, and I don't want you to. When it comes to my feet, addiction is such a perfect thing. My feet fill your senses. My feet control your every waking moment and take over your dreams. You see them everywhere and in your daydreams they walk all over you. Your thoughts are no longer your own and you love it.

You want nothing more than to be owned by my feet. You jerk off constantly for them, longing to be sucking on my sweaty toes and taste my sweaty climax from between my toes. The heady musk of love-making lingers and traps you, pulling you ever closer. 

Helplessly down the rabbit-hole.

You do not want to escape.

There is no escape for you...

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