Control is key

2018-12-02 Chastity, Domination, Femdom
  • 9:33 minutes

Includes - chastity - chastity key holding - cock tease - slave control - cum control - ebony female domination - female domination - femdom - verbal humiliation - female supremacy - extreme domination - femdom pov     

I love how easy it is to control you. Lock and key. I want your cock in my safe little cage, where you can't be a nuisance to yourself or anyone else for that matter.

You. My chastity cage. And a whole lotta frustration.

Don't you just love how perfectly easy it feels for you to sacrifice your all to me? Just the way it's meant to be of course. 

You are my little plaything. And I love to control your every movement.

After all control is key.