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Chronic Wanker Chastity Challenge

  • 10:03 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes chastity - cock tease - pregnant goddess - joi - chastity humiliation - challenges - femdom pov - ebony female domination - twerking   

You do realise that your inability to keep your hands off your willie is what got you into this mess don’t you? Locked up and cage thumping like a desperate fucker!?
Well even though that cock of yours is caged its still insatiable!
In fact I think having a cage on it just made it more desperate for release.
Well I’m gonna fuck up your day today! I’m going to make you tease and edge while looking at my perfect curves. Your cage stays on!
The entire time!
But you’re going to watch me, be my little aching cock puppet while I make you leak through your cage. You’re welcome!
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