Busted to Oblivion: Part Two

2021-08-06BDSM, Ball busting, Trampling
  • 9:57 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes ballbusting - hard ballbusting - femdom - stomping - verbal humiliation - CFNM - extreme domination - no limits femdom - SPH - real Femdom - female supremacy - cock trampling - ball punching - ball kneeing - ball  slapping    

Featuring: Mistress Ava Black, Diana von Rigg, Mistress Katerina the G
Mercy is not a word that exists in the Femdom dictionary!
And boyoh is discovering that the very hard way.
Like a pack of wolves they circle around him and descend, delivering a flurry of kicks and slaps as they do.
Mistress Ava Black wants to hear him beg her to hurt his balls.
The sadism is electric, they feed off his screams!
He is their toy and he is helpless to leave. He wouldn't dare....
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