Bad Business - Part Two

2019-08-05Femdom, Fetish, Milf
  • 10:53 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes pov female - giantess - office domination - mean giantess - vore - executrix - mouth fetish - tongue fetish - lip fetish - red lips     

No way out. It’s confess or be crunched time!

After all Ava believes that men only make good employees. Not a single smart brain cell amongst the lot of them! That’s why she only hired men in her office.

Her next little victim holds on fast to his loyalty to the team. He refuses her offer of a redundancy package for him to resign with his dignity intact if he confesses. The alternative is taking a chance against her swirling stomach juices. 

The idiot thinks he stands a better chance against Ava’s enormous tongue and powerful throat muscles so she sits him on her tongue and rolls him around so he knows she means business! Her little monkey in a suit squirms and wriggles on her tongue uselessly! 

Has that changed his mind? Ava could swallow him right up and she wouldn’t feel a thing! One fell swoop and he would be inhaled. Gone. Poof!

Has he changed his mind about his chances now? Watch and find out!

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