Bad Business - Part Four

2019-08-07Femdom, Fetish, Giantess
  • 10:29 minutes
  • HDTV

Includes pov female - giantess - office domination - mean giantess - vore - executrix - mouth fetish - tongue fetish - lip fetish - red lips     


“Don’t you know how easily you get swallowed in this big bad corporate belly?”

One by one she gobbles them up. And then there was photocopier guy…

Even though she didn’t do his entry interview into the company it seems she’ll be doing his exit interview. He had no chances of hurtling through to the top in a few short months… or did he actually think he would be the one to best Ava?

Well he won’t be propelled to the top if she has anything to do with it! He doesn’t look like much of a fighter to Ava, so he’d best use his brain to do the right thing… Because Ava is going to cut down all bad behaviour in the company! Get rid of the problem before it spreads… Rebellion is like a parasite that makes people think for a moment they can be better than Ava. And like a good strong motherly figure Ava will have to get rid of that parasite before it destroys her beautiful corporate baby…

And unless photocopier guy starts talking and tells her everything he knows he’s going to meet a very crunchy end!

Will he fold and tell all? Or will she have to make an example of him? Watch and find out!

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