Ava's Foot Bitch

2019-03-29Barefoot, Femdom, Foot Fetish
  • 13:48 minutes

Includes foot worship pov - femdom pov - ebony - foot fetish - verbal humiliation     

Take a look at them. Yes. Do it. You know you can't take your eyes away from them anyway can you?

My feet turn your brain to mush. You just go googoo dumb dumb when you look at my perfect wrinkled soles just hovering in front of you. Sheer perfection, delicious aren't they?

They turn you into a right bitch! They control you effortlessly. You want to give in to them completely. You're a pervert who lives for nothing more than smelling and licking these perfect peds. 

So give in to me little foot freak. You're my little foot bitch now! 

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