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A claustrophobic situation meets a hot and sticky end

  • 63:43 minutes

Includes - ebony - older woman/younger man - ebony milf - milf - pov sex - cock tease - femdom pov - ass fetish - ass shaking - ass grabbing - ass twerking - seduction - ebony     

You've come to visit your friend Tom but he is out. Instead his mom Ava is there. She is tidying up the house and asks for your help while you wait. You have always liked her and are more than happy to help.

As you tidy up the storage room you chat happily with her. She is fun and easygoing. Always doing something to keep the place clean. She tells you a little bit about her life before they moved in to the neighbourhood all those years ago.

She has a collection of shoes that she wants to show you from when she used to go out on the town when she was younger. She takes a load to the bedroom before she returns. The look of horror on her face as you close the door behind her tells you that you've done something wrong.

The door is broken and won't open from inside!

Your initial surprise soon turns to shock as you realise that she is serious. You both try to jiggle the door open to no avail. The more you try the more desperate Ava is becoming. She confesses she is claustrophobic, something you could never have known. Both your mobile phones are downstairs and with you both locked in the room there is no way to get to them to call for help. As time passes and Tom has not returned Ava is panicking even more. 

The claustrophobia sets in even more and she is hyperventilating. In a state, she begs you to let her take her clothes off. This seems to help a little thankfully. 

But now suddenly another problem. Because as you look at her heaving bosom you feel your cock swell involuntarily. Her feminine curves are something you had never noticed before. But they look deliciously inviting and vulnerable as she breathes deeply trying to gain composure.

You offer her a hug to try and help calm her nerves. But as she does your dick throbs painfully in your trousers. She notices this, and instead of making you embarrassed it only makes you more horny for her. You're not able to hide how hot you find her. In fact you always have. And now that you are here with her you want her to know just how much you are willing to do for her.

She is reluctant at first. That is, until she sees how big your cock is. Then all of a sudden the look of lust replaces her initial anxiety. She wants you. She wants you really bad. And as she begs to just lick the tip of your cock all your pervy dreams of her look like they're about to cum true!

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