A better man than you

2019-06-27Bi Training, Bi fun, Big Dick
  • 6:24 minutes
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Includes cuckolding - hot wives - make me bi - cuckold humiliation - interracial domination - chastity - ebony female domination - female supremacy - handjobs - femdom - slave training - female domination     

You know you were always going to end up here...

On your knees in abstinent chastity while your wife got the kind of dick she really deserved!

It's almost poetic really. Nothing you could have done would have changed anything really. You're a pathetic beta whose only true joy comes from knowing that at least I'm getting some deep dicking that can finally make me cum!

But you do get a little reward, for being a good cucky hubby...

You get to eat the cum out of my pussy as he pounds my pussy. You get to taste how good my body feels when a real man fucks me! And if you're really really good I'll teach you how to suck him off so well that he cums in your stupid beta mouth!

Then maybe that way a better man than you can teach you what it really takes to really please awoman like me! 

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