Your shrunken fate

06.09.2020Giantess, Humiliation, Sensual
  • 17:59 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes giantess - vore - magical shrinking - mouth fetish - pregnant - shrinking fantasies - mean giantess - adult role play - pov vore - swallowing pov   

You're a bit of a science whizz who's had a crush on Ava. She's teased you about how a nerd like you could easily find a way to shrink yourself. She said it would be hot with a little giggle and you've made the mistake of thinking she was serious.
What would she want with a tiny boyfriend? what possible use could you be to someone so big?
Ava mocks you for being so desperate to get to her pussy that you'd be willing to shrink yourself to the size of a bug. But instead of being a suitable spouse for her, you now share the same category of value as all the other vermin scurrying about on the floor.

Whilst you're not boyfriend material, you may be of some entertainment. You spend the rest of your short, insect sized life trying not to be engulfed or be crushed under her pussy as she uses you to make herself cum.

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