You love to hurt for us

12.04.2019Femdom, Fetish, Milf
  • 5:42 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes double domination - Mistress Bounty - cock tease - femdom pov - cock control - ebony female domination - female domination - female supremacy - latex dresses - latex fetish - rubber fetish - breast worship - big tits - slave training

Don't you just wish you could be right between these two Superior Ebony Goddesses?

Only good little slaves get to come close to this kind of perfection. You will do everything in your power to please us both. You cannot resist our commands of you. How could you?

Pleasing us is the only thing you were born for. And we are going to smother you with our Dominance and our sheer perfection. Right here in our Dungeon where noone can hear your screams for mercy.

On your knees and crawl to your Goddesses now!

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