You'll always pay for another man to impregnate me!

  • 10:19 Minuten
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What a pathetic loser you are!

I'm so glad I never made the mistake of giving you more sex than you deserved. Ha! And to think you actually thought when I told you I was pregnant that the baby was yours.... And after waiting months and months for a ride in this sweet gash it's time I told you the truth.

Oh I know you won't leave.

Cos a pathetic loser like you knows just how little you deserve. Yes you will look after this baby when it arrives. Yes you will love it like it's your own. And yes you will keep your mouth shut like a good little hubby while I find more lovers to satisfy me.

And you will pay and pay good for everything because it pleases me. You will always pay for another man to fuck me!

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