You dare disturb the African Queen?

19.08.2020Femdom, Giantess, Vore
  • 25:42 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes giantess - vore - mystical monster - pregnant - shrinking fantasies - mean giantess - mouth fetish - pov vore - swallowing pov   

A foolish European explorer has disturbed the dreamless rest of an ancient African Queen in his quest for trinkets and wealth.

Her lair is full of the bones and skeletons of the hundreds of other adventurers over the years to have made the trek to the heart of Africa in the search of plunder.

There's only one thing that can satisfy her hunger when she is woken, a begging, terrified screaming white man sliding down her throat and into her belly. To relish his screams and struggle for survival as her belly turns him into bones just like all the rest.

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