Tick tock metronome CBT

02.07.2019CBT, Female Domination, Femdom
  • 15:24 Minuten

Includes femdom pov - CBT instruction - slave training - CBT games - ebony female domination - femdom - female domination     

Tick tock tick tock...

You'll be hearing that in your nightmares tonight...

Today I want to have some alternative fun with you!

You see I have a wonderful new toy to fuck you up with. It seems pretty innocuous but this tiny beast is the stuff of nightmares! You see it's a perfect little toy for keeping a beat. And I know whenever I play CBT games with my slaves they lose the beat as the task gets harder and harder. Usually they go slower...

But today I've found a way to keep you on track! And to keep you burning for longer!

It's very simple really.

You're going to follow the rhythm that the metronome sets for you. You'll hurt your cock to the beat. No cheating, no confusion. All you have to do is keep the beat.

Easy right?

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